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by Valtid Caushi

Our two year Anniversary

Web design Agency London

Our Web Design Agency London is getting a year older.

Firstly it seems like only yesterday that we started on a journey and leaving the safety of certainty.  So two years ago we registered with company house and we are still here.

Now we have come a long way and will continue to provide the best services we can. Our next challenge is to start growing for the coming years.

web design agency London - Mount Media - Two year anniversary

Our web design agency London – Mount Media – Celebrating Two year anniversary

Looking ahead

Whilst we are celebrating, we are also thinking of the future. We looking to grow in the coming years. Moreover we are looking to bring more products on to the table some of which will be grand braking and industry shaking.

Products we will introduce

Email Marketing

Let’s face it, advertising to customers with regular products via email is a vital marketing tool. That is why we will introduce an email marketing service so you can send beautiful emails with drag & drop simplicity. Moreover you can personalise each email campaign, so you can address each customers by their name at a more person level. Not only are our subscribers lists free, but you will only pay a small fee per each campaign you send.

Project Code Name – DIY

If you find yourself being a company that is too small and may find that doing a website yourself is the best solution to keep the costs down. Worry not, that is where we come in with our do-it-yourself product which will be launched next year. Additionally the best part is that the subscription is always going to be free.

Project Code Name – (top secret)

Browsers have changed rapidly since Tim Berners-Lee published his World Wide Web. However we think it should go a bit further than that and provide a fantastic product to wow the users.

Not only does it come with it’s own set of challenges, but it is important that the prototype works first.

Keep in touch

Finally if you would like to keep in touch please use our newsletter or contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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