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Website Design

Rumour has it that in website design, appearance says a lot when making first impressions and that you have seven seconds to grab their attention. If the website looks good and engages its audience it will spark a truly unique experience.
Responsive web design

With time comes maturity, so have our processes. We have meticulously refined our methods to craft each project to achieve it’s intended potential.


The first step of each project starts with laying out the blueprints of the design. This is a great opportunity to gather the essential elements. By collaborating closely with clients, we essentially establish the core and heart of the project.

We use wireframes to:

  • Prepare and plan more effectively
  • Identify how the content will be shown on a multitude of devices and screen sizes
  • Visualise the size of the project at a glance

Wireframes are the pillars of any project that we produce in this process. They can be static or interactive content that highlights the features and functionality of the website. In conclusion the blueprints will be used by our designers and developers to collaborate or work independently to complete the project.

Staying on brand

With your brand image at stake, it pays to have a distinct brand guideline which sets the rules to apply to every document, email and everything in between.

We will then follow these guidelines rigorously to keep consistency and accuracy.

UI in Website Design

Once we have established the wireframes and branding, our designers then get their creativity hats on. As a result, by combining the rich information gathered our designers will produce a set of outstanding mock-ups that you can be proud of.

Furthermore mock-ups will showcase the web design and give you a chance to make amendments and suggestions to the design team, if there happens to be any at all!

Responsive website design

Our most noteworthy asset is that we provide all of our projects with a responsive web design. Hence our no exceptions policy. Therefore your website will look astonishing on every device and screen size.

User experience

To understand user experience, one is ought to ask some of the following questions:

  • Would the end user find the website easy to use?
  • Are there any elements which could frustrate a user while navigating the website?

The answer should always be NO.

That is why we are always mindful of the little details. This ensures to reduce any negative emotions of the end user.