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Branding is what your clients use to associate and relate to your products, so it is of vital importance to get it right from the beginning.



Branding is the face and overall image of your organisation. Therefore it pays to impress your audience with consistency. Hence why we provide these guidelines, so your team can use it to ensure your image remains at a high standard.

We believe these are the foundations of every modern company to keep their resources unified and consistent, to help create a reputable brand.

Typography & Fonts

Typography is an essential part of branding. Choosing the right font is a challenge and harder still to ensure it is always used on every document produced.

We will provide you with the guidelines on which fonts to use and when to use them. Typically we choose two different fonts, one for headings and another for the rest of the content.

Colour palettes

Colour Palettes

Colour palettes essentially are the most dominant colours which are used throughout your designs, from business cards to website design to email signatures.

Careful consideration is required when it comes to choosing these all important colours. Think of it as a beautiful melody, if you choose the wrong note the song does not sound pleasant anymore. Same rule applies to colours, it is a must when it comes to choosing colours that compliment each other rather than clash.

Branding Documents

With every project we will produce the following output to help you remain professional as a standard:

  • A PDF guidelines document describing each element
  • A logo
  • Business card design on both sides
  • 50 Free business cards printed
  • At least 2 different Fonts
  • Email signature design
  • Letterhead design