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Progressive Web Design

Progressive Web Design is the art of always keeping your website fresh, up to date and constantly adapting to your business, whilst at all times managed by a professional team of designers and developers. It tackles issues such as outdated websites, cost effectiveness and piece of mind.

Progressive web design

Progressive web design

Not only is your website kept fresh but also your cash flow is more cost effective as you spread the cost over monthly payments.

Whilst the task of getting a new website is a good idea, creating & maintaining it is another topic altogether. Often you find yourself, asking too many unanswered questions:

  • Will my website come up on google?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How difficult is it to maintain the website?
  • What happens once the website is complete?
  • Do I need to backup my website?
  • Is it still safe & secure?

That is why we have come up with Progressive Web Design. Not only do we design your website but we re-design it every three years to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

Planting the seed to a grow your business

Planting the seed to a grow your business

What are the benefits of Progressive Website Design?

  • Web design – We Design & upgrade your website every 3 years.
  • Content Management – Content managed by a professional team so your website always looks beautiful and fully functional.
  • Domain & Hosting – Free domain name & hosting
  • Standard SEO – Applying standard SEO during the development of your website as a standard & upgrade to Premium SEO at anytime.
  • Email Marketing – Build your unlimited subscribers list of your customers.
  • Free email marketing template – Get a beautiful template to send amazing emails to your subscribers.
  • Emails – Unlimited email accounts.
  • Back ups – We backup your website daily for up to 30 days.
  • SSL –¬†Free SSL certificate so your customers and your website are safe & secure
  • Online Presence Setup – Get your business on popular maps
  • Social Networking Setup – Setting you up with popular social networks

Further Benefits of Progressive Web Design?

According to an article from This Is Money:

The good news is that HMRC regards a company website as being like a digital shop window for your business.

This is good news as this means that you can offset the cost of the website against your corporation tax. Moreover by using a monthly payment you benefit further from it as the cost is not a lump sum upfront but spread out.


In short your website progresses, as your business grows your website grows too. Keeping it up-to-date and cost effective.

Should you find that managing your website is time consuming, difficult or you just need a specialist team to manage all aspects of your website then why not talk to our helpful customer service team now or call us on 0208 1444 959!

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