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by Valtid Caushi

What is a Domain Name?

Domain Name! You have heard of it but have some questions?

Domain name can be very easy by understanding two concepts, machine friendly and Human Friendly. Once you understand the two subjects then it is very easy to grasp the idea of how it works.

A Max Keyboard - Abstract domain name association


Machine Friendly Domain Name

Imagine a network of computers talking to each other the same way humans do with one another. They need to know which computer is talking to and from. To do this we give a computer an identity called IP Address which looks something like So Each computer has a unique number and communication can now be easy.

However the problem is that we as human have an issue with this and our memory is very poor at remembering this long numbers. So the solution is to establish an association of a human friendly and a machine friendly way that mean the same thing to both machines and humans. Therefore we have invented the domain name.

Human Friendly Domain Name

Using a memorable word or phrase is a little easier for us humans. Lets take a look at Google for instance, it is an easy name to remember compared to

With this in mind we now have an association where both humans and machines can understand the same thing.

When we type on our address bar the computer converts this to it’s associated IP address and loads the page.

Why do we pay for domain names?

Think about it, a domain name is like owning a company trading name. If you don’t register it, others will. If you don’t protect it others can use it and before you know it, it is like the wild west free for all. There would be no trust and not business, just lawlessness.


Domain names are an easy to remember words or phrases so humans can connect with each other online.

Every website has a domain name and usually are and pay a small fee annually and can be purchased for up to ten years.

If you should need to purchase your domain name contact us now.

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