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James - working on a mac book - Mount Media Ltd

James – working on a mac book – Mount Media Ltd

Passionate & Friendly

A passionate bunch with a friendly approach

We’re a web design agency producing beautiful bespoke websites. We believe that to work for something you are passionate about is really a hobby and not a job. Our friendly and energetic team aren’t afraid to take on a challenge or suggest a better solution. We work with a wide spectrum of some amazing client’s from Festival organisers to Makeup Artist’s.

Beautiful & Flexible

Any device, any screen size & anywhere.

More than 50% of the website visitors are mobile device users. So a website has to look just a outstanding on a mobile as it does on desktops and tablets. Not only does the website look beautiful, but it should be easy to navigate, scan and digest the all important content.


The Mount Media Ltd team - working hard

The Mount Media Ltd team – working hard

Quality & Detail

We choose quality over speed, so that we don’t miss the detail and the bigger picture.

Focusing on the details helps you gain visibility by search engines which means more traffic for you website. We blend creativity with functionality from the outset, producing amazing designs that not only do they work well but also look stunning.

Above & Beyond

A website is for the long term, that is why we build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our innovative knowledge allows us to exceed all expectations. Our excellent customer service team will help you achieve your goals and ambitions not only during the development but way beyond the launch of the project.